Echos of Cybertron — Transformers fanfiction

Between Optimus Prime and Ironhide and Starscream and Elita One as siblings.

Chapter One: The Awakened Echo

The restorative light of a new era bathed the metallic landscapes of Cybertron, casting silhouettes of half-constructed spires against the night sky. Optimus Prime, the noble leader of the Autobots, stood atop the newly erected monument of unity, gazing into the horizon. It was a horizon that for the first time in eons promised hope instead of despair.

As the planet spun on, slowly healing from its deep scars, a faint yet persistent thrum echoed from its core, growing with each cycle of Cybertron's moons. It was a sound unheard since the age of legends, a rhythm of the ancients calling forth those chosen to bear witness. Today, it beckoned Optimus Prime, and by his side, Ironhide, the ever-vigilant warrior, followed, with cannons ready for whatever lay ahead.

They approached the source, a chasm that scarred Cybertron's surface, where a forgotten facility resided, veiled by time itself. Symbols adorned its gates, their meanings long lost to the annals of history. Optimus extended a hand, and the gate responded, not to his touch, but to something within him – a key to the past opening a door to the future.

As the two comrades ventured into the darkness, lights flickered to life, illuminating a path deeper into the heart of the facility. There, in stasis pods crafted from an era when Cybertron was still young, lay two figures in repose – Starscream, the treacherous Decepticon air commander, bound by restraints of ancient design, and Elita One, the formidable Autobot warrior, and the sister of Optimus Prime, believed to have been lost to the void of space during the deadliest hours of the war.

The facility stirred further at their presence, awakening to the rekindled sparks of the dormant Cybertronians. Optimus watched as machines whirred to life with a gentle hum, their intent unclear. Locks disengaged with a hiss and steam, revealing the silent forms of their kin. Memories, sharp and painful, shot through Optimus as he beheld Elita, her visage serene in slumber.

But it was Starscream who awoke first, optics blazing red, a sneer curling upon his lip components as he took stock of his liberators. With a swift movement that betrayed no sign of his prolonged stasis, he reached out, grasping at the very energy that revived him, and twisted it with a deft understanding possessed only by those intimate with the ancient arts of Cybertron.

Faced with the dilemma of a reawakening that could change the very fabric of their existence, and the dangerous allure Starscream represented, Optimus reached out towards his sister, his spark heavy with the burden of leadership. This moment, this echo from Cybertron's storied past, could now decide their fates forever intertwined.

As Starscream cackled, rising amidst the plethora of ancient machinery, Optimus knew this was no mere awakening; it was a convergence of destiny, one that would test their bonds of siblinghood, challenge the fragile peace he had fought so hard to achieve, and force him to confront the haunting specters of choices made long ago.

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