Whispers of Change — The Loud House fanfiction

Between Lori Loud and Leni Loud and Luna Loud and Luan Loud and Lynn Loud Jr. and Lincoln Loud and Lucy Loud and Lana Loud and Lola Loud and Lisa Loud and Lily Loud as siblings.

Chapter 1: The Book of Bonds

The Loud house was a symphony of the ordinary and the ridiculous, often playing to the tune of sibling squabbles and the chaos that ensues with eleven children under one roof. In the epicenter stood Lori, the eldest, often regarded as the de facto leader of the pack – a role she both relished and resented.

It was on a day like no other, infused with the mundane task of attic cleaning, when Lori stumbled upon an ancient looking book, its leather cover cracked and dusty with time. “Ew, what’s this grimy old thing?” she muttered.

Lincoln, ever the enthusiast for anything unusual, peered over her shoulder with wide, curious eyes. “Looks like some sort of old family book. Maybe it's got pictures of Grandpa when he was a kid!” he exclaimed, reaching out to flip through the pages.

But the book was devoid of pictures. Instead, it was filled with elegant, handwritten passages that spoke in riddles of a time long forgotten and family bonds. “'To the bearers of our blood, this book of bonds shall test the true strength of their unity,’” Lori read aloud, her voice laced with skepticism. “Sounds like a bunch of hooey.”

The siblings gathered around, each one peering at the cryptic text, offering their own interpretations or dismissals – all except for Lucy, who sensed an ethereal connection with it. “I don’t know, Lori,” she whispered. “Maybe this is, like, seriously a part of our family history.”

Lori scoffed at the idea. Still, as the eldest, she felt a twinge of responsibility. Whether it was curiosity or the innate duty to protect her kin, she couldn’t place the book back into the obscurity it came from.

That night, the Loud household was unusually restless. Lori sat in her room, moonlight spilling across her bed, illuminating the book that seemed to have cast a spell of intrigue upon her. She couldn't shake the feeling that it was important, perhaps even urgent. Lincoln's words echoed in her memory, "Maybe it's got secrets of Grandpa..." The thought alone was enough to have her flip to the first chapter, a passage titled "The Crest of the Louds." Without realizing it, she began to recite the words, her voice barely above a murmur.

And then it happened - the house trembled gently, as if acknowledging the resurrection of the old words. The book glowed a soft, luminescent hue, and Lori felt a shiver run down her spine, a feeling that something irreversible had begun. A whisper of change had, unbeknownst to her, cursed the Loud family, binding them to the fate of an ancient, mystical trial.

The next morning greeted the Loud family with an air of tension that was palpable. Lori awoke to an unease creeping into her heart, an inexplicable coldness between the siblings. Everything looked the same, and yet nothing felt right. Everyone was on edge, arguments igniting with little to no provocation. Lori watched aghast as her once harmonious siblings exchanged bitter words and glares where laughter and ridiculous antics used to reside.

It was in that moment that Lori recalled the events of the night before—the book, the spell, the tremor. Had she, in her carelessness, subjected her family to an actual curse? Was this shift in their relationships the result of her meddling with forces she couldn’t comprehend?

As each sibling stormed off in different directions, retreating into their own corners of the house, the gravity of the situation sank in. Lori clutched the book close to her chest. She had to fix this—but first, she had to understand what this curse was, and how, if at all, it could be undone.

The chapter had just begun, but for the Loud siblings, it was clear that they were no longer just characters in their own raucous stories. They were entangled in a far deeper narrative that would test the very fabric of their family, pushing the bonds they had always taken for granted to their breaking point.

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