Allies in the Shadows — The Bad Guys fanfiction

Between Professor Marmalade, the Mastermind and Ms. Tarantula, the Stealth Expert and Shark, the Brute with a Heart of Gold and Snake, the Charming Con-man as siblings.

Chapter 1: A Crest Uncovered

In the dimly lit underbelly of the city, a place where even the rats had a touch of class, Professor Marmalade surveyed his would-be empire from the shadows. The clinking of his cane echoed in the secluded alley as he adjusted his monocle, peering into the night. Once a grandmaster of villainy, now a mere spectator, he watched as the city's streets, now flooded with light and laughter, mocked his somber mood. "This is no way for a villain to live," he muttered under his breath.

Meanwhile, in a different corner of the darkened city, Ms. Tarantula gracefully descended from the rooftops, her slender form barely causing a ripple in the night. She landed with a feline's grace, blades tucked away inside her boots and belts. The nights of high-profile heists seemed a distant memory as she crept silently through the city, now vibrant even in the late hours.

A few blocks over, Shark, muscles rippling beneath his jacket, tossed aside a bag of cash onto a pile that hardly seemed worth the effort. "Where's the excitement in a skimpy haul like this?" he complained to the empty warehouse. The brute's heart, large enough to match his size, had grown weary of petty thefts and scuffles that didn't measure up to his grand past escapades.

And there was Snake, the charmer, who leaned elegantly against the marble of the city's newest casino, his cards flicking in his hands with a magnetic rhythm. A smug grin danced across his lips, even as his eyes betrayed a glint of nostalgia for the old days. "They don't make 'em like they used to," he sighed, pocketing his winnings from a con too easy for his liking.

The four villains—a brain, a blade, a brawn, and a bard—all felt the seismic shift in their city. The birth of a hero, the Sentinel of Righteousness had extinguished the thrilling darkness they thrived in. They each longed for a challenge, for the city that once quivered at their schemes and whispered their names in fear.

It was Professor Marmalade, during one of his nostalgic tribulations through his own archives, who stumbled upon something peculiar. There, etched into the silver handle of his cane, was a family crest—a crest he had never noticed before. Narrowing his eyes, the gears of his brilliant mind began to turn. "Could it be?" he whispered, stroking the embossed image. A plan began to blossom—one that required aid from partners with peculiar skills.

Morning found Ms. Tarantula perched atop a gargoyle, her gaze sweeping over the city. She toyed with one of her prized blades, only to stop suddenly, her eyes catching a similar crest inscribed near the hilt. It mirrored the one on Marmalade's cane precisely.

Not long after, Shark discovered his own revelation—a crest, a match to the others, nestled into the elegant design of his brass knuckles. He grimaced at the symbol, sensing its significance to his lonely heart.

Finally, Snake, amidst his tricks and games, felt the call of the same crest hidden amongst the ornate designs of his favorite playing cards. His charming smile faltered for a moment, considering the possibility of connection beyond his solo performances.

Individually, they examined these clues, these echoes of a shared heritage unknown. And as if drawn by an invisible thread, they would soon find themselves entwined, circling the enigma of their newfound bonds. The city, in all its hero-induced tranquility, was about to discover the forces it had inadvertently united—forces that hailed from the same cradle of shadows.

As the sun set on what was to become a most unusual night, the four villains made their way, alone but unknowingly together, toward the heart of the city, each guided by the mysterious crest and the call for something grander, something that could reignite the embers of their once-dominant reign.

Amongst the laughter of good citizens and the gleaming streets, they would gather—in a place where the shadows still whispered of trouble—and take their first steps toward reclaiming their city, their legacy, and perhaps, uncovering the truth of their mysterious bind as siblings hidden in villainy. This was the night the adventure began—an adventure that would come to be known as "Allies in the Shadows".

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