Undercover of Darkness — Swat 2017 fanfiction

Between Sgt. Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson and Jim Street and Christina "Chris" Alonso as siblings.

Chapter One: Echoes in Silence

The dusk had settled over Los Angeles, painting the city in hues of fiery reds and calming purples. But for the SWAT team led by Sergeant Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson, the close of the day brought no rest. They were deep in the belly of an operation that had no definitive end, only the promise of rising tension with each passing hour.

Amid the muffled sounds of evening traffic, Hondo stood staring out of the reflective glass pane of the briefing room. His gaze was distant, a man wrestling with the weight of command and the solitude it imposed upon him. In hours, he would step into a different world, leaving the badge and vest behind to embed himself with those who sought to tear apart the city he was sworn to protect.

Jim Street leaned against the cool metal of the locker room bench, the clamor of the precinct around him fading to a dull roar. The locker’s clatter as he shut it spoke volumes of the churning thoughts he harbored. Street was known for his brash attitude and confidence, attributes that had earned him both respect and reprimand. Now, those very traits were about to be tested in the crucible of the cartel's unforgiving hierarchy.

Meanwhile, Christina "Chris" Alonso let the solitude of the armory envelope her as she meticulously checked her gear. She knew Street and Hondo were about to dive headlong into the murky waters of the criminal underworld, while she grappled with her assignment to infiltrate the same cartel. Despite the solidarity of being a tight-knit unit, their operations were shrouded from one another, creating an undercurrent of isolation that each felt acutely.

The chime of Hondo’s phone broke the solemn atmosphere. "It's time," the message from his contact read. A sigh escaped him, not out of fear, but of acceptance. It signaled the beginning of a dance – a dance with shadows and echoes where one misstep could be his last.

"Be careful," was all Street could offer Hondo before they parted ways at the precinct. The sentiment felt hollow, a stark reminder that they were stepping into a silence that would be shared but unacknowledged. Their brotherhood was now a secret, even from each other.

The night was in full swing when Chris arrived at the cartel's designated meeting spot, her guise perfect as the mechanic who had the skills the cartel so desperately needed. She felt the weight of her concealed recording devices, each one a lifeline back to the unit she silently prayed was watching over her.

As the first chapter of their covert mission began, the once inseparable trio found themselves ensnared in a web of lies of their own making. Unseen threads connected them in a sinister tapestry of duplicity, each step forward leading them deeper into the abyss of their own hidden truths.

Their mission was not just a test of skill, it was a testament to the strength of their unspoken bonds. Would their chosen ties as siblings hold fast in the face of adversity, or would they unravel, leaving them isolated in a world where trust was currency, and betrayal was law? Only the silence had the answers, and it wasn't speaking… yet.

As Hondo, Chris, and Street moved through the darkened streets, each felt the echo of their bond straining under the weight of their task. They were alone together, each sibling fighting a battle they could not share, against an enemy they did not yet understand. The game had begun, and the silence was deafening.

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