Echoes of the Force — Star Wars fanfiction

Between Rey and Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker and Finn and Poe Dameron as romantic.

Chapter 1: Whispers of the Past

The hum of the Millennium Falcon's engines filled the silence of space as it orbited the lush, green planet below. Teeming with the echoes of the Jedi order long since past, the planet was but a shadow of the vibrant hub of Force knowledge it once was. Rey stood silently on the deck, her gaze lost in the verdant world below, sensing the whispers of ancient wisdom calling her to its surface.

She felt a presence behind her, warm and familiar, yet still tinged with the darkness of a haunted past. "Beautiful, isn't it?" Ben Solo's voice broke the silence between them without breaking the contemplation that hung heavy in the air.

"It is," Rey agreed, without turning to face him. "It's more than just beauty though; it’s as if the planet is speaking, telling tales of the Jedi who once walked its grounds."

Ben stood beside her now, his eyes also drawn to the planet, his thoughts as unreadable as the mask he once wore. "Do you think we'll find what we're looking for down there?" he asked, a slight uncertainty betraying his stoic expression.

Rey finally turned to look at him, eyes meeting his. "The Force has guided us this far, Ben. I believe we're here for a reason." Her voice, full of determination and hope, seemed to lighten the burden he carried within him.

Further within the ship, Finn and Poe Dameron were huddled over a holotable, deep in discussion about galactic policies and the fragile state of the newly forming government. Though they both wished for nothing more than to leave politics to politicians, they knew that the days of being mere soldiers or pilots were behind them.

The sound of Rey and Ben entering drew their attention. Finn's eyes locked with Ben's for a moment, the history they shared etched into the glance. It wasn't hostility that Finn exuded, but a wariness—the kind that comes from knowing what someone had been capable of.

Poe stood, clapping a hand on Finn's shoulder, a silent message of camaraderie. "Any updates on our situation?" he asked, addressing Rey.

Rey nodded. "We land within the hour. There's an ancient temple there, hidden within the valleys. It may hold secrets about the Force that we’ve never discovered."

Finn crossed his arms. "And let me guess, it's going to be dangerous?" His tone held a mix of sarcasm and genuine concern.

Ben spoke before Rey could reply. "Every step towards knowledge of the Force comes with its risks. We'll be ready for them." His words were confident, but Rey could feel the apprehension in his Force aura. She knew he wasn’t only speaking of physical threats, but of those that could tempt the darkness within him.

As they prepared to land, Rey took a deep breath, reaching out with her senses to the Force, and found it warmly responsive, as though reassuring her that this path was the right one. The Falcon descended towards the planet, breaking through the clouds to reveal the lush canopy below. As the engines quieted and the ramp lowered, the air of the planet greeted them, laden with unspoken secrets and the legacy of the Force that awaited within.

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