Shades of Turf War — Splatoon fanfiction

Between Marina and Pearl and Agent 4 as siblings.

Chapter 1: A Ripple in Inkopolis

The sunset cascaded over Inkopolis, painting the sky in shades of orange and pink, as beats thumped from the central hub, where Pearl and Marina, famed as the pop duo 'Off the Hook,' wrapped up another broadcast. Marina flipped a switch, her tentacles glinting, the glowing tips a stark contrast to her darker skin. "And with that, stay fresh, Inkopolis!" she beamed into the camera, signing off for the evening.

Pearl popped her head into frame for one last quip, her innate exuberance undiminished by their routine. "And don't forget about this weekend's Splatfest! It's gonna be off the hook!" The screen faded, leaving the two in the comfortable silence of the studio.

Basking in the afterglow of their performance, Marina couldn't help but feel a twinge of anxiety, an inexplicable shadow cast over her mood. Pearl noticed. "What's up, Marina? You've got that look again."

Just as Marina sought the right words, their reverie was pierced by the raucous laughter and chatter of the newest sensation in Inkopolis, Agent 4, as they entered the studio with an armful of Splatfest-related paraphernalia. "Hey, you two, I've brought the banners!" Agent 4 announced, their ink-tank backpack hitting the floor with a muffled thud.

Marina forced a smile, even as her heart drummed a faster rhythm. "Just in time, 4," she replied. "Let’s prep for the weekend."

The trio settled into an efficient rhythm, stringing up banners and troubleshooting stage effects when an errant piece of paper fluttered from the pile and caught Marina’s eye. On it, a hastily scrawled message: "Seek the truth of the siren's song, sister of machines. It's time to wake up."

Marina's hands trembled, the cryptic message awakening fears she'd hoped were long buried. Pearl snatched the paper, eyes scanning the words. "What's this? Some kind of prank?" she demanded, the protective edge to her voice mirroring how she always stood by Marina, ever since they first took a stand together against the oppression of Octarians.

Agent 4 leaned over, noting the distressed look overtaking Marina's usually calm demeanor. "This isn't just some fan mail, is it?" Agent 4 asked, their voice shifting from its usual cheer to concern. "What does it mean, 'sister of machines'?"

It was the phrase she had dreaded, a name she'd left in the shadows of the underground where she once tuned machines of war, unaware of the world above. "It's... part of my past," Marina admitted, words catching in her throat. "But that past was supposed to be a secret, one that only..." She trailed off, the implication sinking into the trio.

A charged silence fell. Inkopolis was a place of music, color, and life, but it seems they were about to step into a much darker side of their world. One they thought they had left behind when they chose the path of unity and acceptance between inkling and octoling.

As the neon lights of the city buzzed to life, calling them to dive into the night's Turf War, Marina, Pearl, and Agent 4 shared a solemn nod. This was a battle of a different sort, one they'd face together, like family.

With the lingering scent of ink in the air and the fervor of competition igniting them, they charged out into the night, unaware that their lives were about to be forever altered. The silhouette of an unknown figure watched from a rooftop, the message being the first ripple of a wave that could flood their world with chaos. It was time for secrets to rise to the surface.

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