Cascading Catalysts — Reaction fanfiction

Between Alex and Morgan as siblings.

Chapter One: The Night the Sky Fell

The evening had settled like a soft whisper over the sleepy suburb where Alex and Morgan's story would soon unfold in the most astonishing of ways. The siblings sat in the living room of their childhood home, the one with the peeling white paint and the porch swing that creaked in protest every time the wind blew. Surrounding them were the remnants of their shared history; faded photographs, trophies from Alex's numerous accolades prominently displayed, and Morgan's scattered sketches that gave life to every other surface.

It was a night like many before, until the tremor of something disruptive sent a shockwave through the mundane. Outside, the sky had begun to perform a strange ballet, painting strokes of green and blue as a meteor shower pirouetted through the heavens. In any other reality, it would have been a moment that warranted a few gasps and a night spent under the stars. But this spectacle was the harbinger of change.

Alex, the more scientifically minded one, stared at the celestial display, talking aloud about probabilities and space debris. Morgan, ever the dreamer, wondered if the universe was penning them a personal invitation to adventure. Their exchanges were tinted with the half-hearted irritation familiar to siblings the world over. But the meteors had other plans, their incandescent tails writing a different script.

A loud thud from the backyard drew their attention, cutting their light bantering short. It was as if the heart of the meteor shower had decided to crash their average evening. Donned with a mix of trepidation and curiosity, they approached the large crater now present in their mother's prized rose garden. The still-smoking rock in the center seemed to throb with otherworldly energy. In an act that would forever alter the fabric of their existence, they each reached out toward it, a silent truce hanging between them as their hands met the object simultaneously. Electricity danced along their fingers, crawling up their arms, sinking into their very core.

The more they touched it, the more they felt their everyday bickering, the pent-up grievances of years past, begin to pale in the face of the pulsating unknown. Their eyes locked, and a cascade of unspoken feelings passed through their gaze.

Moments later, chaos ensued as the energy from the rock burst outwards, enveloping Alex and Morgan in an ethereal glow. The impact sent them flying backward, unconscious before they hit the ground, the stars their silent witness. The meteor's mysterious force had chosen them, two siblings divided by life but now connected by something greater than either of them could have imagined.

As the night matured into dawn, and the siblings stirred awake, an unsettling silence embraced the suburb. The meteor was gone, taken by the clandestine forces that monitor such anomalies, but its effects were indelibly marked on Alex and Morgan. With the rising sun as their spotlight, they stood up, and without a word, they felt it—power coursing through their veins, a silent acknowledgement that everything had changed.

It was the kind of uncomfortable peace that comes before a storm, the kind that both siblings knew wouldn't last long. The question of what came next hung heavily between them, a challenge and an invitation all at once. As the dust settled on the new day, their eyes met once more, a silent pact forming. Whatever was to come, they would face it together.

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