Ebb and Flow — Ncis Hawaii fanfiction

Between Special Agent Jane Tennant and Special Agent Kai Holman as romantic.

Chapter 1: Shifting Sands

The warm breezes of O'ahu carried with them the scent of salt and freedom, a stark contrast to the gravity of Jane Tennant's current predicament. The message was encrypted, a taunting puzzle that spelled out danger in every byte. She needed her team, especially one member in particular, to navigate through this storm.

Kai Holman peered over the digital precipice they'd encountered. His eyes locked onto the screen, a furrow of concentration etched between them. “We're not just looking at a code here—we're looking at a message from a ghost,” he said, his voice a mixture of fascination and dread.

Across from him, Jane felt the weight of leadership pressing on her shoulders. She trusted her agent, his instincts honed sharper than the jagged cliffs that bordered the island. “Then we'll have to speak to the dead,” she replied, a subtle playfulness dancing in her tone, eliciting a rare, fleeting grin from Kai.

The chase led them through a labyrinth of signals and screens, but it was on the sandy shores, under the cloak of stars, where barriers began to fall. Assigned to surveil a suspect’s beachfront property, their conversation drifted, stray words revealing layers of each other previously untouched.

“When I first joined NCIS, I thought I had to leave Kai Holman at the door. That it was all about the mission,” Kai began, his arms resting on his knees, gaze lost to the horizon.

“And now?” Jane prompted, turning slightly to face him.

He hesitated, as though weighing the consonants and vowels that would form his next confession. “Now, I think maybe the person makes the mission. That without... without the humanity, what are we even fighting for?”

Her heartbeat quickened, blood humming through her veins with a warmth that had nothing to do with the tropical climate. There was no protocol for this, no SOP to guide the way when the lines started to blur—not just between personal and professional, but between Special Agent Tennant and Jane.

Late into the night, they found themselves standing upon the precipice of something far more daunting than any case—acknowledging the silent crescendo of something beyond camaraderie. In a stolen moment where pretense fell away, fingertips clasped, pulling each other close, they shared a confession that had nothing to do with words. Their lips met, a signature on a contract they never meant to write.

The kiss was brief, a whisper of contact that scorched and soothed all at once. They broke apart, breaths intermingling, the ocean's hum a soothing echo to their shocked stillness.

"We shouldn’t have—" Jane began, her voice a strained whisper as if afraid to break the nocturnal peace.

Kai nodded, the rigid line of his jaw affirming the gravity of their transgression. “We have a duty, Jane,” he said, calling her by her first name in a solemn vow to remember their shared responsibilities.

As dawn threatened the safety of darkness, they returned to their true partner, the case. Focus was their anchor, keeping them steadfast as treacherous waters of emotion threatened to capsize the world they knew. They tore into the evidence with renewed vigor, pieces slotting into place, revealing a betrayal that hit far too close to home.

Using each other as a lifeline, they stepped into the fray, their bond an unspoken pact amidst the chaos. It was a devotion borne of necessity, the unpredictable ebb and flow of two forces uniquely tied—to the mission, and unintentionally, irrevocably, to each other.

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