The Mushroom Kingdom Chronicles: A Tale of Two Plumbers — Mario fanfiction

Between Mario and Luigi and Princess Peach and Bowser as siblings.

Chapter One: The Ticking of Progress

The sun had barely risen over the peaks of the Mushroom Kingdom, casting a golden hue across the bustling marketplace. It was a special day – a day many had marked on their calendars with both excitement and a hint of uncertainty. Today, the first great Inventor's Fair was to commence, showcasing the brilliant, curious, and sometimes dangerous contraptions that signified the Kingdom's plunge into the age of steam and gear.

Mario, attired in his crimson work overalls, brushed his hands against the fabric, trying to wipe the grease from yet another morning spent tinkering with pipes. The familiar weight of his wrench in his pocket reassured him, but the sight of smokestacks and steam-powered carts still made him uneasy. "Luigi," he called out to his brother, "Are you ready? We don't want to be late for the fair."

Luigi emerged from their shared workshop, looking less enthused, a faded green cap shadowing his furrowed brow. "I don't know about this, Mario," Luigi replied, hesitance lacing his tone. "All this change, it's... it's a lot."

"Change is growth, fratello," Mario said with a grin, clapping Luigi on the back. "We've got to keep up, or we'll be left behind!"

The Inventor’s Fair pulsed with energy as the brothers navigated through crowds of Toads, observing the wonders on display. Steam-driven automatons that danced with eerie precision, carriages without horses that hummed with concealed power, and gadgets of convenience that promised to ease the daily toil of every citizen.

Yet, amongst the wonder, unease welled up within the Kingdom's walls. Whispers of abductions and Bowser's looming threat were common, though today they took a backseat to the spectacle of progress.

As the brothers marveled at a mechanical golem, a hush fell upon the fair. Gasps and panicked whispers cut through the din as Toads began to scatter. Mario's instincts kicked in; he grasped Luigi's shoulder, leaning in to spot the source of the commotion. There, on the platform, stood Princess Peach, elegantly waving to the crowd – and right beside her, an obscure figure shrouded in a cloak, a glint of metal visible beneath its folds.

Before Mario could react, the figure seized Peach, clamping a hand over her mouth. A blinding flash and a cloud of smoke engulfed them, and when it cleared, they were gone, leaving behind only a single gear etched with a curious symbol.

Mario's heart pounded against his chest. "Peach!" he exclaimed. "We've got to save her!"

Luigi picked up the gear, examining it closely. "This isn't Bowser's handiwork," he murmured, more to himself than to Mario.

As the kingdom erupted into chaos, the brothers knew one thing for certain – their day had just begun, and it would be unlike any other. A race against time, as the sounds of the steam age ticked away, marking not only the hour but also the beginning of a new era for them all.

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