Turbulence of Affections — Love in the Air fanfiction

Between Siwon and Pramote as romantic.

Chapter One: Clear Skies, Hidden Storms

The sunrise cast a golden sheen over the runways of Bangkok's bustling airport, where the promise of new beginnings mingled with the roar of engines taking to the skies. Siwon, with a gaze riveted to the dawn horizon, felt the familiar rush of adrenaline flooding his veins. Today marked his transition from co-pilot to captain—the culmination of years spent within the confines of cockpits, cradling the dreams that now, finally, soared.

Inside the air traffic control tower, Pramote scanned the multitude of screens with an eagle's precision, his fingers dancing over the control panels, orchestrating the symphony of departures and arrivals. With headphones that connected him to voices across the ether, he was the unseen sentinel, the calm in the eye of the ever-turning storm of air travel.

It was on this fateful morning that Siwon’s maiden flight as captain crossed paths with Pramote's watchful guidance. The radio crackled to life, Siwon's assertive voice requesting clearance for takeoff. Pramote responded with professional crispness, yet something in the brevity of Siwon's thanks struck a chord, an unexpected harmony amidst the routine transmissions.

Their encounter was brief, ephemeral as the clouds, but it was only the beginning. As Siwon piloted the aircraft into the cerulean canvas above, deftly manning the controls, Pramote monitored its ascent with vested interest. Yet this interest was not born of duty alone; there was a spark, a burgeoning intrigue for the man behind the captain’s voice.

An unforeseen storm loomed on the horizon—a tempest of wills between the new captain's eagerness to prove himself and the veteran controller's steadfast adherence to regulations. When Siwon, inflamed by the impatience of youth, sought to negotiate a quicker route amidst congested skies, it was Pramote who stood as the unwavering voice of reason, dictating the necessity of protocol over passion.

The conflict set the stage for a dance as intricate as the ballet of aircraft Pramote directed—a dance of two souls daring to navigate the fine line between professional commitments and the uncharted territory of personal connection.

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