Whispers of the Crimson Pact — Konosuba fanfiction

Between Kazuma and Megumin and Aqua and Darkness as romantic.

Chapter One: The Grimoire's Shadow

The town of Axel was silent, with only the soft fluttering of leaves under the moon's pearly gaze. Megumin, the explosion-obsessed crimson demon, and Kazuma, the sly and opportunistic adventurer, wandered away from their usual path. As often was the case, it was not wisdom or purpose that guided them but sheer accident and curiosity. "I heard there was a dungeon here untouched by adventurers," Kazuma whispered, the thrill of potential loot sparkling in his eyes.

Megumin's eyes were alight with equal parts excitement and danger. "And I heard it's cursed," she added, barely able to contain the giddy anticipation of unleashing her magic on some ancient evil. Their two companions, Aqua, the water goddess with a self-inflated ego, and Darkness, the noble crusader with an insatiable lust for masochism, followed behind, exchanging dubious glances at the pair's reckless venture.

Their meandering search bore fruit as they stumbled upon a hidden crevice, shrouded by vines and the weight of countless years. The entrance to the forgotten dungeon beckoned with a mysterious allure, promising dark secrets and perilous trials. "This is it," Kazuma declared with poorly-hidden pride. Aqua sighed, thoroughly unimpressed, and Darkness fidgeted with an unsettling gleam in her eyes.

They ventured forth, their path lit only by Aqua's soft glow and the flames flickering on the dungeon's age-old torches. The further they delved, the closer they felt to the malevolent pulse of the dungeon's heart. Until, at last, they stood before it—a curious grimoire, bound in shadows and whispers, nestled upon a pedestal of obsidian stone.

"Don't touch it," Aqua warned, her voice echoing ominously through the chambers. However, her divine intuition was no match for the combined forces of Kazuma's greed and Megumin's curiosity. Their hands met over the book; their fingers brushed against its sinister cover, and a surge of crimson energy enveloped them. The grimoire pulsed once, then its whispers sank into silence.

Kazuma and Megumin looked at each other, a glowing red chain appearing on their wrists, linking them both. "What have you done?" Aqua yelped, panic edging her voice as darkness started to creep from the walls, forming into shapes too terrible to name.

From the dark, a voice resounded, ancient and ethereal, "The pact is sealed. The Crimson Oath cannot be unmade until the cycle reaches its end. You who awaken the slumber shall bear its burden." Kazuma and Megumin could only watch as the dungeon began to rumble, and the shadows took form.

Their adventure had taken an unexpected turn, falling into the depths of legend and horror. As the four of them braced themselves against the awakening spirits, there was no escaping the truth. With a cursed bond and a dark horde at their heels, they would need to uncover the secrets of the crimson pact and the true meaning of the connection that was now, quite literally, bound by blood.

Yet, amidst the chaos, the dungeons whispered a new tale—a tale of a thief and an explosion mage, whose fate was no longer their own. A connection, forged in darkness and magic, that might just be their downfall or, possibly, their greatest strength.

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