Shadows Over Metropolis — Justice League fanfiction

Between Batman and Wonder Woman and The Flash and Green Lantern (John Stewart) as siblings.

Chapter One: Echoes of the Past

The sun dipped below the skyline of Metropolis, painting the city in shades of orange and purple as dusk settled over the bustling metropolis. Within the highest tower of Wayne Enterprises, a boardroom meeting was drawing to a close, the air thick with tension and the weight of decisions made.

Bruce Wayne, known to the world as the magnanimous CEO and to the underbelly of Metropolis as the Batman, leaned back in his chair, casting a sharp eye over his siblings. Diana, poised and regal, projected the image of a philanthropic princess, her mind as sharp as the lasso resting within the concealed compartment of her briefcase. Barry, the youngest, scattered papers across the mahogany table, his restless energy betraying his eagerness to depart. And then there was John, his Green Lantern ring hidden beneath the leather of his luxe watchband, always steady and composed.

“Remember, our actions here affect the entire city,” Bruce reminded them, his voice carrying the weight of years of bearing the mantle of guardian. Diana nodded, her gaze meeting his. “We’re aware, Bruce. But do not forget, this is a partnership. Not a dictatorship.” Her words were a gentle chide, though laced with steel.

A fleeting smile ghosted across Bruce’s lips; the reminiscent banter of childhood disagreements echoed in the formal setting. Barry, ever the mediator, chimed in, “Let’s just focus on the new excavation site. We've got some interesting energy readings, and if we’re correct, it could revolutionize the tech sector.”

John’s analytical eye caught something in Barry’s enthusiasm. “We should approach this cautiously,” he warned. “New power sources are not playthings, and the anomalies suggest something... otherworldly.”

As the night approached, the siblings stepped from their roles as business leaders into their birthright as protectors of Metropolis. The Wayne Enterprises helicopter, a sleek beast of technology, whisked them away to the heart of their family’s legacy – the Batcave.

Shrouded beneath the city, amidst the echoes of their parents’ legacy, the four stood before the holographic displays, clad in their respective armors. Batman’s cape billowed as he turned to address the team, “Tonight, we investigate the energy source. And remember, we are not just a family. We are the Justice League. We have a duty to this city and to each other.”

The words hung heavy in the cavernous space, tethering them not just to their city, but to the unspoken promise to their parents—a promise to stand together against any storm.

The night’s work would take them deep into the heart of a dig site where an alien artifact pulsed with a promise of power. As they descended, each felt the pull of the unknown, the electric charge of anticipation. But beneath the surface lurked a shadow of something familiar, something eerily resonant with their shared history, threatening to unravel the fabric of their bond as siblings forged in justice.

In this moment, the siblings must navigate not only the darkness that crept along the streets of Metropolis but also the darkness that threatened to seep into the spaces between them. The balance between light and shadow, between power and responsibility, between love and rivalry, was a delicate dance – and the night was young.

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