Echoes of the Past — Inuyasha fanfiction

Between Sesshomaru and Rin and Kagome and Inuyasha as parent-child.

Chapter One: Shadows of Doubt

The sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky in shades of deep crimson and orange, signaling the end of another day in feudal Japan. Sesshomaru stood motionless upon a rocky outcrop, the last rays of daylight reflecting off his pristine armor. His keen eyes scanned the horizon, searching, always searching, for threats unseen. The fields below were tranquil, deceptively so, yet the lord of the Western Lands knew better than to trust in appearances.

Beneath the shade of a nearby cherry blossom, Rin arranged wildflowers into delicate patterns. Growing under Sesshomaru's watchful gaze, she had matured from the carefree child he once saved into a thoughtful, vibrant young woman. Her laughter danced on the evening air, temporarily lifting the weight of eternal vigilance from Sesshomaru’s shoulders. He discretely observed her, the one person who had unwittingly pierced his armor of solitude.

Meanwhile, in a forest not too far away, Kagome Higurashi, the reincarnation of Kikyo and bearer of the sacred Shikon Jewel, was in midst of training. With every determined twang of her bowstring, she cemented further her decision to live in this era alongside Inuyasha. "You're getting better," remarked Inuyasha, leaning lazily against a tree, a hint of pride in his rough voice. Kagome smiled, knowing full well that the battles ahead demanded nothing less of her.

As darkness embraced the land, an unsettling feeling crawled up Sesshomaru's spine. His nostrils flared, sifting through the myriad scents of the forest. Danger was palpable, a whisper in the wind; an entity from his past drew near, one he had thought he'd banished from his life for good.

Without warning, the camp was ambushed by shadowy figures that materialized out of the dusk. Sesshomaru's Tenseiga was drawn in an instant, each calculated stroke felling an attacker, yet with each one dispatched, two more took its place. Rin's screams pierced the night as she was swept up by dark tendrils, the unmistakable resonance of demonic magic at work.

Overpowered and caught by surprise, Sesshomaru experienced a moment of undeniable fear. This was no common enemy; this was a calculated strike aimed at the very core of his heart—striking at Rin to bait him.

Fury unlike any he had known ignited within him as he unleashed the full wrath of the Bakusaiga. In the ensuing chaos, he caught just a glimpse of Rin's terrified eyes before she disappeared into the depths of the night. As silence reclaimed the night, a single threat hung in the air, a deep voice that resonated with ancient malice, "Seek me in the darkness, Lord Sesshomaru, for it is there you shall find what you've lost."

Inuyasha's keen senses detected the distant turbulence. "It's Sesshomaru," he muttered, a sense of urgency gripping him. Kagome’s eyes met his, reading the concern they masked. Without hesitation, they took off toward the source of the disturbance, for they knew the bond of family extended beyond blood, and they would face any threat, together, to protect it.

The moon rose high in the sky, casting eerie shadows across the landscape, as Sesshomaru set out on a journey fraught with a peril he had never allowed himself to imagine. Not as a demon lord, but as a father. Rin's fate hung in the balance, and the echoes of her laughter now sounded like an omen of trials yet to come.

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