Whispers of the Erdtree — Elden Ring fanfiction

Between Ranni the Witch and Tarnished Hero and Blade of Miquella, Malenia as siblings.

Chapter 1: The Fractured Bond

The whispering winds of the Lands Between carried both hope and curses alike, weaving through the branches of the great Erdtree. In the shadow of its leaves, Ranni the Witch contemplated the unspoken truths that bound her to this solemn warrior before her. The Tarnished, fated to be guided by grace, had sought out Ranni, driven by an allure that was more than the mere seeking of allies.

Together, they tended to a prophecy obscure—yet this was a kinship that ran deeper than the mere convergence of goals. Their bond was one of lost lineage, of forgotten history entwined with the very roots that delved into the heart of the Lands Between. United by their outcast nature, they had embarked on a silent pact, sworn by the light of stars that had long since disappeared from the sight of lesser beings.

From the fringes of reality, whispers of their true connection lingered unacknowledged. Ranni, wise beyond her years, carried the knowledge within, a burden she chose not to voice. She saw in the Tarnished not just an echo of potential greatness but a kin—a sibling separated by the cruel hand of fate, molded by the world's relentless shaping.

Yet, as the fractures of the Shattering grew vast and irreparable, another force stirred—a force that had long been at rest, bound by slumbering enchantments. Malenia, the Blade of Miquella, unfurled from her resting place, her destiny clashingly parallel to Ranni's and the Tarnished's. The Erdtree's intentions lay shrouded in enigma, as the progeny of demigods found themselves caught in a dance of predestined strife and unity.

For the Tarnished hero, the Erdtree's gaze had been indifferent—until the presence of Ranni altered the course of attention. Now, beneath the pale white leaves, they stood, not as mere wanderers, but as echoes of a legacy too profound to fathom. And within this bond, fractured yet resilient, the echo of the Erdtree's whispers guided them toward a destiny that could either mend or forever rupture the ties of their shared essence.

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