Echoes of Gold: A DuckTales Mystery — Ducktales fanfiction

Between Scrooge McDuck and Flintheart Glomgold and Huey Duck and Webby Vanderquack as enemies.

Chapter 1: The Map to Destiny

The morning sun cast glimmers of light over the vast treasures in the Money Bin of McDuck Manor. Scrooge McDuck, the legendary adventurer, and richest duck in the world was rummaging through an old chest he hadn't opened in years. Amidst the dust and cobwebs, his fingers brushed against parchment—worn and fragile with age.

"Blast me bagpipes," Scrooge muttered to himself, "the lost map to the Duckonian temple!" His eyes sparkled with the same luster as his gold. "Boys! Webby! To the study, on the double!"

Huey, the eldest of the Duck triplets, was the first to arrive, with a notebook in hand, eager to document yet another adventure. Webby, the honorary niece with boundless curiosity, wasn't far behind. "Uncle Scrooge," Huey beamed, "what's the scoop?"

As Scrooge unfolded the ancient map across his mahogany desk, the intricate lines and cryptic symbols painted a web of secrets and history. "This, my dear ones, is a map leading to the legendary Beak of Destiny," Scrooge declared, his voice lowering to instill the gravity of the situation. "The Duckonians were an ancient civilization of untold wisdom and riches. This," he said, tapping on the parchment, "could be my greatest find yet!"

At that very moment, a shadow fell upon the manor. Flintheart Glomgold, Scrooge's notorious arch-rival, had managed, through his usual underhanded tactics, to overhear the discovery. With a conniving grin, he whispered to himself, "Not if I get there first, McDuck!"

Unaware of the espionage afoot, the excitement in McDuck Manor was palpable. Scrooge equipped his adventure hat, Webby strapped on her quiver, and Huey reviewed his Junior Woodchuck Guidebook for any useful tips on ancient Duckonian traps. The team was ready to embark on their quest.

Before they could set one foot outside, the butler, Duckworth, announced an unexpected guest. "Mr. Flintheart Glomgold to see you, sir," he intoned, with a disapproving glance at the uninvited visitor.

Glomgold swaggered into the study, feigning surprise at the scene before him. "Scroogey, my old pal, what do we have here? A little family excursion?"

"Flintheart," Scrooge said, his tone ice-cold, "if you're here to try and swipe my treasure again, you can forget it!"

"Treasure, you say?" Glomgold’s act faltered as his eagerness crept through. "Well, it just so happens I'm quite the expert on Duckonian lore. Why, I bet I could find this Beak of yours before you could say 'billionaire'!"

A silent tension filled the room. Webby and Huey exchanged worried looks; they knew the depth of the rivalry between the two ducks. Yet, they also felt the stirrings of adventure—a challenge was brewing.

Scrooge locked eyes with Glomgold. "It's not the finding, Flintheart. It’s the adventure. And for all your bluster, you've never out-adventured me yet. This time won't be different."

And with a resolve as solid as his own vault, Scrooge led his intrepid crew out the door, Glomgold following close behind. The race to the Duckonian temple had begun, but neither could anticipate the hidden truths and trials that awaited them within the ancient stone walls. Secrets of a forgotten era were about to resurface, and the quest for the Beak of Destiny would test not just their wits, but the very character of the richest ducks in the world.

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