Twilight Rebellion: A Code Geass Story — Code Geass fanfiction

Between Lelouch Lamperouge / Lelouch vi Britannia and Suzaku Kururugi and Kallen Stadtfeld / Kallen Kōzuki and C.C. as Enemies.

Chapter One: Shadows of Betrayal

The world was fallow, and Tokyo Settlement lay in its grief—a checkerboard of ruin cradled in the arms of dusk. Once a radiant emblem of Britannian authority, now the city was a catacomb of memories, reverberating with tales of the fierce struggle known as the Black Rebellion. It was here that one exiled prince would sow the seeds of a new upheaval—a Twilight Rebellion.

Lelouch vi Britannia, a name synonymous with Zero, the masked revolutionary, was now merely a silhouette weaving through the carnage. His lilac eyes, often mistaken for fragile, bore the weight of loss and betrayal, fringed by midnight tresses that danced like specters in the wind. His visage, once that of the student Lelouch Lamperouge, was now an impassive mask of vengeance.

His cloak, tattered as the city around him, bellied in the evening gale. “Suzaku,” the name hissed past his lips like an unforgiving storm, “you've become a dog of Britannia... blinded by visions of false honor.” The sentiment hardly surprised him; his boyhood companion stood on the opposite side of his vendetta—as the Knight of Seven, Britannia's honored blade. Suzaku Kururugi had become the dealer of death to those who donned the mantle of Black Knights.

The world believed Zero was dead, slain at the hands of the empire, but the truth was a far more complex tapestry. In the secluded corners of the ghettos, Lelouch had bided his time, gathering strength, simmering in his resolve.

A crescendo of an uprising had plucked away his sister Nunnally from the chest board, her whereabouts a gnawing enigma. The recent assassination attempt laid at her door—supposedly wrought by Suzaku—had chiseled away any hesitation remaining in Lelouch's heart. The bell would toll once more for the insurgency.

Kallen Stadtfeld, or rather, Kallen Kōzuki as she was true to the cause, acted as both his sword and shield. Loyal, fierce, torn between the worlds, her devotion needed little effusion of words. She knew the path ahead was fraught with peril, but her determination was unflinching.

The shadows grew longer, and Lelouch pondered on the woman known only as C.C., the immortal witch laced within the fabric of his chaos. Her motivations were an enigma, though she stood by him throughout every calamity. She was the purveyor of his accursed power—the Geass—and yet, the antithesis of his solitude.

Plans had been set in motion, and the game of thrones would soon commence afresh. Lelouch's Geass flared to life, a crimson glow beneath the dark veil of the night. It was not a beacon of hope but a harbinger of retribution. “The stage is set, Suzaku,” he murmured into the desolation, “and this time, the pawns will rise to slay the kings.”

High above Britannia’s mightiest stronghold, where ivory spires pierced the charcoal sky, the Knight of Seven surveyed the landscapes. Suzaku’s gaze, burdened by the clanking chains of duty, held a tinge of sorrow. His course was unwavering, his loyalty to the empire unyielding, but the shadows that clung to his heart whispered of a war within.

Occasional flashes of Zero's mask haunted his nights; Suzaku knew, with a soldier's instinct, that the specter of his past would soon seek its due. When that time came, he would face Lelouch—the man he deemed both friend and foe. The next confrontation was inevitable and Suzaku prepared, knowing that the price of the world's peace was often paid in the currency of one's soul.

In this theater of broken dreams and rising rebellion, the curtain would rise on a play of power and retribution. It was a requiem for the past, a prelude to revolution, and only the ruthless could conduct its score. As stars ignited across the sky, two erstwhile friends steeled themselves for the crescendo that would determine the fates of many, including their own.

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