Claws and Resolutions — Beastars fanfiction

Between Legoshi and Haru and Louis as romantic.

Chapter 1: Predatorial Heartbeats

Standing under the pallid glow of the amber streetlight, Legoshi's eyes drifted to the canvas of stars splattered across the sky. It was a rare, serene moment in a life often mired in cautious steps and restrained breaths. And there, reflecting the light of the stars in her eyes, was Haru.

The proximity between them bristled with a tension that was delicate and raw, much like the whisper of leaves skimming the surface of a pond. Their hands hovered in the space between them as if mere inches carried the weight of a world vast with taboo.

A sudden rustle in the nearby underbrush sent an antelope bounding across their field of vision, swaying Haru slightly closer into Legoshi’s orbit. Legoshi’s keen senses caught the subtle shift in Haru's rhythm, her heartbeat a frenetic dance against the quiet night, and he was captivated by the uncertain cadence. Was it fear that fluttered through her veins, or the echo of a shared longing?

Before the silence could be broken by tentative confessions, the click of hooves on concrete drew their attention away from the quivering uncertainty that hung between them. Louis, with his crimson-fur contrast and stately antlers, approached, his gaze holding a strange miasma of authority and plea.

“We need to talk, Legoshi,” Louis said, his voice a low thrum that pulled Legoshi’s attention like the moon on the tides. Though Louis had always embodied the composure of one who commanded respect, there was a tremble in his tone, a sense of urgency that couldn’t be ignored.

Underneath the night veiled in indigo and whispers, difficult truths began to spill forth, filling the air with a substance thicker than the fog that occasionally swept through the darkened streets. Here, in the midst of a world drawn in sharp lines and clear definitions, three beings found themselves at the convergence of paths less traveled.

Legoshi, with a heart bigger than his fears, Haru, who wielded vulnerability as strength, and Louis, who juggled roles like a circus act—predator, prey, equal beings—they bared their souls to the embracing night. In a conversation that spanned the chasms of their deeply ingrained divisions, they discovered a kindred spirit within each other bursting forth from beneath the layers of societal roles and biological edicts.

It gave birth to a fledgling hope that, like the dawn, crept slowly over the horizon of their world stricken by silent wars. There in the guilt and the bravery of emotions laid bare, amidst murmurs and confessions, bonds were formed and resolutions made. The connection they developed was more than physical, more than labels—it was unity in the face of division, acceptance defying nature itself.

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