Echoes of Piltover — Arcane fanfiction

Between Caitlyn Kiramman and Vi and Jayce Talis and Viktor as siblings.

Chapter One: Bonds in Shadow

The sun dipped below the horizon, bathing Piltover in a warm, amber glow. The Golden City glittered as if winking knowingly at its denizens, secure in the secrets it held. In the Spires, high above the common bustle, Caitlyn Kiramman stood on the balcony of her family estate, eyes tracing the skyline with a steely gaze that belied her contemplative mood.

Her thoughts were a maelstrom, centering on a single, delicate piece of parchment lying on her desk. The contents of that letter, written in the ornate script of a bygone era, had turned Caitlyn's world upside down. It didn’t only speak of her; it whispered Vi’s name in the same breath as her own.

With a sigh, she pushed away from the balustrade and turned back into her room, pacing with the discipline and grace of a seasoned enforcer. Caitlyn had always defined herself by her duty to Piltover and her lineage. Now, the very blood that ran through her veins connected her to the undercity enforcer she had come to respect, and the implications were staggering.

Elsewhere, in the fervent glow of a Piltover workshop, Jayce Talis stood opposite his once trusted partner, Viktor. An array of blueprints scattered the table between them, each detailing a vision for their city’s future. But where Jayce saw opportunity and triumph, Viktor saw obsession and folly.

"Progress has a price, Jayce," Viktor said evenly, his eyes never straying from the shimmering schematics of a potentially calamitous device. "And sometimes that price is too steep."

"Without risk, there's no reward," Jayce countered, frustration tightening his voice. "We can't halt the march of progress out of fear. Think of the good we can do, the lives we can improve!"

Their words hung heavy in the charged air, a reflection of an ideological chasm that had slowly spread between them. Viktor's hollow cough echoed in the silence, a hint to his frailty and the personal stakes he held in their pursuit of progress.

Vi, meanwhile, traversed the dimly lit undercity, where grime and graffiti were as common as the cogs that powered its makeshift machines. It was a far cry from Caitlyn’s pristine world above, yet the city’s beat was just as vibrant here, just as alive. She carried the same letter that had troubled Caitlyn, the weight of its revelations settling like a yoke upon her shoulders.

Her roughened features softened as she absorbed the reality of her connection to Caitlyn. Sisters. The word was foreign, yet it filled her with an unexpected warmth. With a determined chin, Vi made her way through Zaun, intent on confronting the truths—and lies—that heart of the city harbored.

Their worlds were an odd symphony of clashing ideals and technologies, of hidden ties and unspoken bonds. And as the night crept over Piltover and Zaun alike, murmurs of change undulated through the ever-shifting cityscape, poised to erupt into a cacophony that would change their lives—and the city—forever.

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